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What should groom wear

Selecting the right accessories for groom doesn't have to be difficult. We have couple of tips that will make your life easier.

Ties and bow ties for groom

Formal or rustic

When selecting accessories for the groom, keep in mind the whole concept of the wedding. Will it be formal, more relaxed or rustic barn wedding? Each of these themes will require different colors and materials of ties, bow ties and other accessories.

Black or burgundy silk bow tie is a classic choice for formal style weddings and it goes well with dark suit or tuxedo. If you would like to elevate your look even more, go with velvet bow ties. You will fall in love with unique texture and deep color of velvet fabrics.

And what about rustic weddings?

You can never go wrong with floral patterns. Even if the groom doesn't feel like wearing them (what a shame), you can still add a little bit of pattern in form of a pocket square.

Ties and bow ties for groom

Burgundy tie and suspenders matching with bridal accessories

Tie or bow tie

Well chosen accessories can help you set the right wedding mood and make your outfit much more appealing. Deciding between tie and bow tie might be a little bit tricky and there is no wrong option. Just pick what the groom is most comfortable with. He is going to be wearing it all day and it's important that he feels confident and stylish.

Popular choice amongst our customers is to mix and match ties and bow ties for groom, best man, dad and wedding guests. Like on the picture below. Floral tie for the groom, complementing mint bow ties for the groomsmen mixed with matching pocket squares.

Ties and bow ties for groom

Floral tie for groom and mint bow ties for groomsmen

Colors and textures

Create stunning seasonal wedding atmosphere by selecting perfect color shades and fabric textures of ties and bow ties. Floral cotton patterns are highly popular during spring and summer wedding season. Another good option is a solid silk tie that pairs well with patterned pocket squares. Fresh bold colors or muted pastel shades dominate this time of the year.

With fall and winter weddings approaching, rich hues like orange and burgundy are on the rise. The main theme however, is texture, which adds the right seasonal character to the grooms oufit.

And what fabric has the needed texture?

You guessed it! It's wool. We commonly find it mixed with linen, which gives the fabric even more structure. Woolen tie or bow tie looks great with suit or sport jacket, but grooms often like to wear them with just jeans, shirt and vest to achieve more casual style.

Ties and bow ties for groom

Orange woolen tie and green linen bow tie for fall wedding

Don't forget the pocket

Complete grooms look by adding a pocket square. We recommend not to match it exactly with the same fabric as on the tie. It looks better if it complements with the tie in some way. Simple example might be matching red solid tie and white pocket square with red flowers or polka dots.

And one more thing...

If you go with patterned tie and pocket square, just make sure that patterns are different sizes.

Ties and bow ties for groom

Color of  stripes on the pocket square matches the color of flowers on the tie

Ditch the belt, wear suspenders

In the past, the only function of suspenders was to hold the trousers in the right spot. They were a part of men's underwear and hidden below the suit jacket most of the time.

But the popularity of suspenders as a modern accessory is rising considerably these days. You can frequently spot them during informal weddings, when the groom is wearing just trousers, shirt and bow tie with suspenders as a main element of the whole outfit. You can choose between clip suspenders and classic button suspenders with leather tabs.

Ties and bow ties for groom

White suspenders and light orange tie