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Tie bars and how to wear them

Fresh looks with our new tie bars!


Tie bars, tie clip

How to wear a tie bar

We love tie bars not only for their functionality but also for their versatility. Well chosen tie bar will instantly make your outfit stand out. Main reason to wear it is to keep the tie in the right position throughout the, day even in situations when you are not wearing suit jacket, vest or sweater. You can easily wear a tie bar with formal suit and also keep it casual with just jeans and shirt for stylish office look.

With our colourful tie bars, you are getting the needed detail, that will add more personality into your outfits.


Tie bar, tie clips


What do you need to know?

Follow these simple tips for perfect everyday look.

Length of the tie bar shouldn't overlap the whole width of the tie. The tie bar should cover a half to three quarters of the tie's width. Our tie bars are best for skinnier ties - 6-7,5 cm wide in the widest point. But it also depends on tie shape.

And where exactly should you place your tie bar? Good rule of thumb is to wear it between third and fourth button of your shirt, so it will be still visible when you button your suit jacket. If you place the tie bar too high, it will no longer keep the tie straight. On the other hand, if you place it too low, it will start to look a little bit unbalanced. Try different ways yourself and you will find the perfect spot to wear it.​


Tie bar, tie clips


Don't forget that tie bar needs to be cliped to both your tie and shirt. Otherwise it will loose its main function and it wouldn't keep the tie in perfect position.


tie clip, tie bar


How to choose the right color

Choosing the perfect color to match with tie, suit or shirt will depend on your current mood. Do you want to keep it simple in muted tones or make a tie bar bold part of your outfit? Neutral colours like black, brown, navy or silver will be an easy option for more formal looks with variety of suits. Try simple combination of blue tie and blue tie bar.


tie clip


If you want to make a statement and let your tie bar shine, create a contrast between tie and tie bar. Orange tie bar with navy tie creates really nice fresh look. There are endless possibilities so try new combinations and have fun!


Orange tie clip