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Just my style

Our favourite inspiration, Christian is a not just any suit & tie fan. He is a proud owner of this huge collection of ties and pocket squares. We we were wondering how did this passion start. Oh, well we already knew this, but this comic book enthusiast is also so much fun!

Tie and pocket square

Why have you decided to start a blog?

Lots of people tell me I have a unique voice. I don’t know if I agree with that. I’d say its different and not necessarily unique. Unique is a unicorn with robot legs that can shoot lasers form his eyes and I’m not that awesome. But I think these days, people take the fun out of fashion too often. My blog was a way to keep it fun, even if it is just for me.

Tie and pocket square

Does your job require to wear suit and tie or is it just your style and you like to wear it?

I’m not required to wear a suit and tie. In fact, I could wear the same jeans and t-shirt every day, every week, every year and no one would care. But I love suits. So I guess it’s just my style.

By looking at your Instagram profile it looks like you own a massive collection of ties and pocket squares. How did it all start? And how many pieces do you own? (If it isn’t a secret) 

It all started back on Tatooine. But that was a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away…oh wait, I think I’m getting my life confused with Star Wars again. I’ve actually been wearing suits since I was three years old. I’ve never actually counted how many pieces I own, I think I’m afraid to know. If I plead ignorance to the number, I can keep buying more! BUT, I will confess they fill an entire room. What would normally be a guest bedroom…I don’t see why someone wouldn’t want to sleep on a lovely bed of ties, though. So yeah. It’s A LOT.

Tie and pocket square

How do you build your outfit in the morning? Do you ever start by picking accessories first?

It’s never really pre-determined but for the most part, I start with the tie and build around it. Next I chose the shirt and then I have to decide whether I’m going with a suit or a blazer. Once I decide on that…(am I boring you yet?)…

Here’s where it gets tricky. If the tie and the shirt are heavy in pattern or bold in color then the suit in most cases, won’t be. Next, I get to pick my pocket square, which usually takes the longest, because I love pocket squares so much. I’m thinking about designing a suit that has four pockets for pocket squares so I can wear more than one at a time. It’s gonna be a big seller.

Once I’ve got my tie, shirt, suit and pocket square, I decide IF I’m going to wear a lapel pin. If I’m opting to wear one, I choose one that’s not overly conspicuous. And just like that, voila, a star is born…. or to be more accurate, an adult has finally dressed himself.

Tie and pocket square

What would you say are 3 necessary components (elements) in a man’s wardrobe?

Underwear. Shoes. And in my very specific case, glasses. These are necessary components of my wardrobe every day. But somehow I don’t think that’s what you meant. 

I think every gentleman should have at least 5 nice ties. And I don’t mean expensive, just ties that he wants to wear, even if he doesn’t have to. Next, pocket squares, maybe not as many as I have, but more than one. It’s good to have a simple one, something very bold and something in between.

And then jackets. Not suit jackets, not blazers, but jackets. Like pea coats, top coats, trench coats, wind breakers and the like. They can make jeans and a t-shirt into a respectable outfit all year round. And one bonus item: You’re not always going to dress up, so I also think, especially for the summer, everyone needs to have a pair of boat shoes. Shoes you can just slip on and walk out the door and still feel fashionable.

Tie and pocket square

You always put together bold combinations of patterns and colours. Do your outfits raise a lot of eyebrows?

Yes. Although I’m not sure if it’s the outfits or if people are just blinded by my handsomeness…it’s probably not the handsome thing. So yes, depending on the age of the person, I do get both compliments and criticism. It’s always harder to take criticism, especially when it’s from someone in a suit three sizes too big and a tie that needs a “wide load” sign…but I guess that’s how parents are.

Tie and pocket square

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