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How to tie a bow tie

Tying a bow tie may look complicated, but it's as simple as tying your shoelaces. Get in front of the mirror and with a little bit of practice it's going to be easy-peasy! Great thing about our reversible bow ties is, that you can tie them in many ways. You can choose one color, the color on the other side, or tie a contrast knot.

how to tie a bow tie

1. Set one end of the bow tie a little longer and start with it.

2. Cross it above the shorter end.

3. Make a loop, tighten and lay the longer end aside.

4. Fold the shorter end into a bow shape.

5. Place the longer end downwards along the middle.

6. Now fold the wings up to make a loop.

7. Push the remaining end through the loop.

8. Now we need to tighten the bow tie. Bow tie has three layers. Hold the middle layers as close to the knot as you can and tighten.

9. Adjust the bow tie to make it symmetrical.