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How to match your tie and pocket square

You know how it goes.

Your outfit is almost ready but there is still something missing. And that's where pocket square comes in and saves your day.


How to match your tie and pocket square


How to wear it with your tie? Here is couple of tips for the start:

● Pocket square shouldn't match your tie exactly. It should complement it in some way.

● Choose a pocket square with one of the colors from tie or shirt. (Blue tie + cream pocket square with blue flowers)

 ● You can also add a little contrast. Perfect timeless combinations are brown + green, gray + burgundy or navy and brown.

● If you are not sure about mixing patterns, just start with simple rule. Solid tie with patterned pocket square, patterned tie and solid pocket square.

● If you go with patterned tie and pocket square just make sure that patterns are different sizes.

Here are 3 simple but classy combinations.


1. Solid tie and patterned pocket square

Simple combination of orange woolen necktie and silk pocket square with beige and orange dots. Powerful with your navy suit.

How to match your tie and pocket square


2. Patterned tie and solid pocket square

Mustard pocket square matches mustard plaid pattern on grey woolen tie. As you can see burgundy pocket square would be perfect option too.

How to match your tie and pocket square


3. Patterned tie and patterned pocket square

Make sure you mix patterns of different scale and shape. Small polka dots on tie and also on pocket square wouldn't look that good. Try to find some interesting contrast. Blue woolen plaid tie goes well with cream floral pocket square.

How to match your tie and pocket square