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Burgundy striped self-tie bow tie

Vínový vázací motýlek s proužky
[{"title":"V\u00ednov\u00fd v\u00e1zac\u00ed mot\u00fdlek s prou\u017eky","href":"https:\/\/\/\/_\/1200x800-0-0-0-0\/product\/product_1406\/88e10c37682aeb9af594310d5dc0e059.jpg"},{"title":"Burgundy striped self-tie bow tie","href":"https:\/\/\/\/_\/1200x800-0-0-0-0\/product\/product_1406\/c0510214b1c081e6d36e0f46e4715734.jpg"},{"title":"Burgundy striped self-tie bow tie","href":"https:\/\/\/\/_\/1200x800-0-0-0-0\/product\/product_1406\/1bbd48c7101b62067b6f6999db610f6b.jpg"},{"title":"Burgundy striped self-tie bow tie","href":"https:\/\/\/\/_\/1200x800-0-0-0-0\/product\/product_1406\/5b2add7ab8fda3e94ede510624335fba.jpg"},{"title":"Burgundy striped self-tie bow tie","href":"https:\/\/\/\/_\/1200x800-0-0-0-0\/product\/product_1407\/ce01e14254d6da4c237c98f441977fa0.jpg"}]

Men's self-tie bow tie, burgundy red with subtle stripes.

Unlike the pre-tied bow ties, the knot on self-tie bow ties looks much more natural, also they "stand better" and don't tilt forward under your collar even if they are a little loose around your neck. 

  • effortless style choice
  • highlights fabric texture
  • comes in a gift box

How to tie a bow tie

Size: 5 cm tall x 11 cm wide (2 in tall x 4,5 in wide)
Adjustable neck size: 30-50 cm or 12-20 inches
Material: 100% cotton
Care instructions: mild hand wash, medium iron

20 € / pcs
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