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Blue white floral ladies tie

Blue white floral ladies tie
[{"title":"Blue white floral ladies tie","href":"https:\/\/\/\/_\/1200x800-0-0-0-0\/product\/product_1101\/3491ceb350f39058aac8714dca698b22.jpg"},{"title":"Blue white floral ladies tie","href":"https:\/\/\/\/_\/1200x800-0-0-0-0\/product\/product_1101\/fdf398b554f90fef6e63ff3deb2f1c4f.jpg"},{"title":"Blue white floral ladies tie","href":"https:\/\/\/\/_\/1200x800-0-0-0-0\/product\/product_1101\/354000a336e6430c02486d32a9ffcb34.jpg"},{"title":"Blue white floral ladies tie","href":"https:\/\/\/\/_\/1200x800-0-0-0-0\/product\/product_1101\/cbbaba1fe7e699238d35b6199c29d8bf.jpg"},{"title":"Blue white floral ladies tie","href":"https:\/\/\/\/_\/1200x800-0-0-0-0\/product\/product_1101\/a603357a635c74d7d1ce7513db216026.jpg"}]

Ladies tie/bow with hook fastening, small floral pattern in white, blue and orange.

  • goes great with your shirt
  • comes pre-tied to a bow in a gift box
  • versatile - can be tied more ways

How to tie a ladies tie

Bow size: 14 x 14 cm (5,5 x 5,5 inch)
Adjustable length: 36-46 cm (14-18 inch)
Material: 100% cotton
Care instructions: mild hand wash untied, medium heat iron

24 € / pcs
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