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Bubi Blog

  • Tropical style

    Spring is finally here. Best time to add more fresh colors to your outfits. Our new tropical style collection was made with hibiscus...

  • Which bracelet is the right one for you?

    Beaded bracelet with suit or blazer? Not a very common combination in past years. But recently beaded bracelets became stylish companion...

  • Fall outfit

    Are you ready for Fall? We love this time of year because it‘s a great season for mixing various materials, textures and colours.

  • Interview with "The Sharper Me"

    Always looking sharp in well fitted suit. Gyasi H.L. Haynes is a project manager in California and also a passionate personal stylist.

  • Woolen orange necktie

    Shortly after we added this orange wool tie, it became one of my favorite. It has a nicely woven texture and if you are looking for a...

  • Just my style

    Our favourite inspiration, Christian is a not just any suit & tie fan. He is a proud owner of this huge collection of ties and pocket...

  • Navy blazer

    It always makes our day better when our customers send us a photo with our products. Marek is one of them. He has great style and he...

  • How to tie a bow tie

    Tying a bow tie may look complicated, but it's as simple as tying your shoelaces. Get in front of the mirror and with a little bit of...

  • What should groom wear

    Selecting the right accessories for groom doesn't have to be difficult. We have couple of tips that will make your life easier.

  • How to tie a ladies tie

    Freshen up your work outfits! Our Ladies ties are versatile, you can tie them more ways. Or just go with no-fuss pre-tied bow. Watch...

  • Wedding shop

    In search for perfect wedding tie, bow tie or suspenders for groom, groomsmen or wedding guests? We've got you covered. Pastel colors...

  • How to fold a pocket square

    How to fold a pocket square? Here are 3 simple and stylish ways that will make your suit or jacket look prefect every time.