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Black tie bar

Black tie bar
[{"title":"Black tie bar","href":"https:\/\/\/\/_\/1200x800-0-0-0-0\/product\/product_1219\/c9cda9171724c7d8c6d420fe3af7219c.jpg"},{"title":"Black tie bar","href":"https:\/\/\/\/_\/1200x800-0-0-0-0\/product\/product_1219\/7a276cfc86a71a580dd93a439a4ae651.jpg"},{"title":"Black tie bar","href":"https:\/\/\/\/_\/1200x800-0-0-0-0\/product\/product_1219\/29c8b630beceb21e4a198cfc12ceb054.jpg"}]

We love tie bars not only for their functionality, but also for their versatility. Well chosen tie bar will instantly make your outfit stand out.

Color tie bar with clip, black.

  • keeps your necktie in place
  • stylish outfit element
  • comes in a gift box

Tie bars and how to wear them

For ties with max width of 7,5 cm (2,95 inch)
Width: 4 cm or 1,5 inches
Material: metal


12 € / pcs
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