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Beige and lilac bow tie suspenders set

Beige and lilac bow tie suspenders set
[{"title":"Beige and lilac bow tie suspenders set","href":"https:\/\/\/\/_\/1200x800-0-0-0-0\/product\/product_1512\/1e88843754a70adb4deca3cb15aad3b4.jpg"},{"title":"Beige and lilac bow tie suspenders set","href":"https:\/\/\/\/_\/1200x800-0-0-0-0\/product\/product_1476\/018cbf49a92f53a02b7bd1b1489f7e56.jpg"},{"title":"Beige and lilac bow tie suspenders set","href":"https:\/\/\/\/_\/1200x800-0-0-0-0\/product\/product_1476\/6c2bd42cd86f21b4a50fa23e224ddb5b.jpg"},{"title":"Beige and lilac bow tie suspenders set","href":"https:\/\/\/\/_\/1200x800-0-0-0-0\/product\/product_1476\/6e21b41bee23a6896589db366897732a.jpg"},{"title":"Beige and lilac bow tie suspenders set","href":"https:\/\/\/\/_\/1200x800-0-0-0-0\/product\/product_1476\/1990d99c4a1d3a21067004589e6908b6.jpg"},{"title":"Beige and lilac bow tie suspenders set","href":"https:\/\/\/\/_\/1200x800-0-0-0-0\/product\/product_1475\/d6243fb47a2a589f8a83db65fc0946ce.jpg"},{"title":"Beige and lilac bow tie suspenders set","href":"https:\/\/\/\/_\/1200x800-0-0-0-0\/product\/product_1394\/d23de2b074ff1ce60c58096480f1e807.jpg"},{"title":"Beige and lilac bow tie suspenders set","href":"https:\/\/\/\/_\/1200x800-0-0-0-0\/product\/product_1394\/75063cc4b43778846e078084adb718c9.jpg"},{"title":"Beige and lilac bow tie suspenders set","href":"https:\/\/\/\/_\/1200x800-0-0-0-0\/product\/product_1394\/0f03f4ccf0b5ac9b41b4cb33eb60089f.jpg"},{"title":"Beige and lilac bow tie suspenders set","href":"https:\/\/\/\/_\/1200x800-0-0-0-0\/product\/product_1394\/9ed64abc9822d7d6a866f0b7e043deb0.jpg"},{"title":"Beige and lilac bow tie suspenders set","href":"https:\/\/\/\/_\/1200x800-0-0-0-0\/product\/product_1394\/4be9b0c97f46cca5daabdabf225f9e7e.jpg"},{"title":"Beige and lilac bow tie suspenders set","href":"https:\/\/\/\/_\/1200x800-0-0-0-0\/product\/product_1394\/fdc8694e0ea30b0654e216967dd25acd.jpg"},{"title":"Beige and lilac bow tie suspenders set","href":"https:\/\/\/\/_\/1200x800-0-0-0-0\/product\/product_1394\/a74cfc8dfa2dfe07504f9ca08f9582de.jpg"},{"title":"Beige and lilac bow tie suspenders set","href":"https:\/\/\/\/_\/1200x800-0-0-0-0\/product\/product_1394\/b1abfb2ce6e6a13018771895aa27355a.jpg"}]

This gift set contains 2 items:

1x Lilac button and clip suspenders for men
It’s great to have a universal and functional accessory in the closet. Our lilac suspenders are exactly that! Not only will they hold your pants comfortably in place, they also are an instant style upgrade. You can attach them to your pants with either the metal clip, or leather tabs for buttons.

  • "Y" shape on the back
  • variable - clip or buttons can be used
  • set of buttons included
  • comes in a gift box

Width: 35 mm or 1,38 inch
Adjustable length:
clip option - max 122 cm or (48 inch)
leather option - max 132 cm (52 inch)
Material: artificial leather, woven elastic band

1x Beige floral self-tie bow tie
Size: 6 cm tall x 12 cm wide (2,4 in tall x 4,5 in wide)
Adjustable neck size: 28 - 50 cm (11 - 20 inch)
Material: 100% cotton
Care instructions: dry clean only, low heat iron

Packed in separate gift boxes.

53 € / pcs
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